Entrepreneur. Mentor. Coach.

Meet Jane Bahneman.

Every experience on our path has been strategically placed, designed to teach us - if we are brave enough to explore. 

In a few words, my purpose is to create meaningful connections, seek out the spark in others, and strive to pull the best out of each person I meet. 

This is what my consulting practice is about; I believe that by walking the walk I might inspire you, through example, to step into your own power as an entrepreneur.

I'm devoted to helping you intelligently grow your business.

We each have natural gifts. I'll support your development and ask you to dig deeper to reach your potential. I will help to define what success really means in your life.

Why work with me? 

I am an idea person who executes. I allow fear to be my guide, yet rarely allow it to hold me back from customizing a life that I love.

Even better, I have a proven track record in my career that my formula works, creating abundance in every realm.

As the owner of Blue Nectar Yoga Studio, I'm successfully living my dream. Business ownership is not an easy ride. It requires facing obstacles, demonstrating patience, an openness to learning on-the-daily, and stretching beyond perceived limits. Business owners must expand in every area of their existence, and never take the thrill of a good challenge for granted.

Life is for living, remember?

I am proud of being a successful professional, yet finding a healthy mix of work and play. Aligning my work + life = balance.

Wellness is my priority; I run, hike, ride my bike, travel, raise my son, and love to visit yoga and fitness studios as a hobby. Perhaps you'll enjoy following my blog Sweat Equity, where I have turned my adventures into much more - a trusted compass for the entrepreneur

Please take a moment to explore my credentials page. My experience has shaped my vantage point; I've sharpened my skill sets over two decades and will use them to serve you

Reach out - I am ready for you.

All my best,

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